About President Air Charter

President Air was established in 1992 as a privately owned charter service based at the Peterborough, Ontario airport. The company is part of the Drain Bros. Group of Companies and has been serving our clients for 28 years with an impeccable service record.

Our principle aircraft is the King Air 300, which has an unsurpassed record for reliable service and is capable of landing on shorter runways than jet aircraft. This means we can often get you closer to your destination than other charter services. And that means you’ll save time and money.

And what’s more, you do not need to travel to Peterborough to board our aircraft—we can pick you up at an airport closest to you, saving you time from a lengthy commute to a major airport.

President Air Charter Cabin Comforts
President Air Charter

Our Advantages

When you choose to charter with us, you can avoid the hassle of lengthy lines at major airports. You’ll breeze through customs using the “Advanced Passenger Information System” we employ—so you can keep your belts and shoes on!

Our flights leave on your schedule, so there’s no stress over the possibility of missing a flight—we don’t leave until you are ready to go! No three-hour check in requirement, just show up and in 15 minutes, you’re on your way!

And that’s not all—companies can save on the extra expenses that can occur when employees have to travel through major airports, because getting there and back on the same day saves hotel bills, taxi fares and lost work time. And speaking of work time, on a charter, you can get work or meetings done while in flight—privately and in comfort.

Need a furry friend to travel with you? No problem, pets are welcome aboard!

We assure you that safety is our number one concern and our passenger comfort and travel experience is our highest priority.